California State Innovation Lab

Welcome to the first phase of the California State Innovation Lab – a no-cost IT developer sandbox for California State government employees to collaborate, build and test open source web-applications, demonstrate, and share their solutions in the California Department of Technology’s (CDT) CalCloud environment.


Code and Test Before You Buy

California State employee coders, you can demonstrate to your manager that your web-application idea will work before going through a procurement process. Sign up for the CA Innovation Lab to access our open source application development environment and start coding right away. We took care of the infrastructure so you can focus on your idea development and provide proof that your solution is what your manager is looking for. Work with your colleagues, inside or outside of your organization. You can create a dream team of developers to collaborate on code that could solve problems across organizations. You can sponsor a vendor partner to work on your team to develop new code or customize already existing open-source code. All you need is your manager’s approval and a business problem to solve!

Expand Your Skill Set

The best way to learn is to have a real-world problem to solve with a mentor or other enthusiastic coders. The CA Innovation Lab provides a multitude of open source languages and technologies that you can explore. The Lab environment will give you an opportunity to expand your knowledge base and skill set. Additionally, with our collaboration tools, you can invite others to view your code in our GitHub repository and get feedback or help out a fellow employee.

Features of the Lab

An Application Development Environment
  • Language
    Chose from Java, Ruby, Node.js, Python, PHP and more.
  • Databases
    The CA Innovation Lab environment gives you access to a private database instance. Choose between MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and SQLite.
  • Quickstart Templates
    Find and deploy your favorite languages, frameworks, and database in one-click.
  • Source Code Version Management
    Our platform includes the Git distributed version control and source code management system. The Git protocol secured with SSH is used by developers to check code into the secure Git repository residing within their application container in the CA Innovation Lab.
  • Collaboration
    Developers can collaborate on application development in GitHub or by creating a team to access their project in the Lab.

Find a Solution

Visit our ever-growing code repository to find a solution to your business problem. Customize and test the code in the lab and provide quick solutions for your organization.

How Do I Sign Up?

Details of Sign Up

  1. Fill out and submit our quick participation form
    1. Be a California State government employee
    2. Have your business problem and solution idea(s) ready
    3. Identify your team lead
    4. A manager’s approval is required
  2. After a quick review by the CA Innovation Lab team, a Remedy Service request will be submitted to create your Innovation Lab account.
  3. Your login credentials will be sent to the team lead
  4. Login and self-provision your development tools
  5. Begin coding!